The Finding by L.I. Henley


The Finding by L.I. Henley


An excerpt:


Morning & the lights have gone out
the coffee pot
the radio next to the sink

too quiet

I go outside to look up at the power lines
& across the street     a child in a red dress
sits on a broken porch     there is dirt on her feet

Where did the lights go? & the television? 

I shake my head     how to tell her 
they have not gone     
they have just ceased to do what we expect

The power lines go like bees do she says

I nod because it’s true

she holds up a mason jar of change
there are still dimples 
at her elbows

her small trill     Guess how many nickels? 
A million
I say

a blue nose pit bull appears
sits behind her
he wants me to make a promise I can keep
but I’ve gone back inside
the radio has decided to play
& someone is humming 
by the sink

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