Bigfoot for Women by Amy Pickworth

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Bigfoot for Women by Amy Pickworth


“This book is a kind of enchanted thicket.”
--Darcie Dennigan

“He’s back, the old wanderer, that proto-dude, Bigfoot, and he’s as elusive as ever in the lyric wilds and shifting legends of Amy Pickworth’s marvelous poetry debut. For all the zip and multi-layered textuality of her method, Pickworth displays one of the deepest, rarest lyric tactics: I mean, wit — not snark, not sass, not easy sarcasm or hip avoidance. I mean complex, goodwilled, richly felt and joyful seriousness in her investigations of identity, gender, selfhood, and story. We may never capture the wily old wild-man, but in Bigfoot for Women, right in our midst, we’ve found a fine new poet.”
--David Baker

“I read a lot of books, and a lot of them I actually like, but this one I love. It makes me want to grow thick fur all over my body and go galumphing through the forest like a grizzly-elk-man-thing. Tell everybody: Bigfoot is here. Bigfoot is real. Bigfoot is awesome. A wonderful promise in the wilderness of contemporary life.”
--Matt Hart

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ISBN: 978-0-9894771-6-1

106 pages.