We are proud to announce that the first-ever Orange Monkey Poetry Prize Winners are:

Chapbook Contest: Michelle Bonczek's The Art of the Nipple

Gary commented  on his choice saying, "...this voice was captivating.  It was raw.  It was lyrical.  It was confident and never slippery and always smart, intelligent, involved in thinking and making image simultaneously."


Poem Contest: Lauren Henley's "Snowfall in Late March (Laytonville, California)" 

The finalists from the chapbook category (in no particular order): 

Landscape Portrait Figure Form by Dean Rader

Test Run by Susan Charkes

 The First Gesture by Jeff Whitney

The Names for Girls Like Me by Ash Bowen

The finalists from the poem category (also in no particular order):

Jendi Reiter's "Deep Sister"

Stefan Karlsson's "The Lost Umbrella Poem"

Casandra Lopez's "Eclipse: Albuquerque 2012"

Thank you to all who submitted!